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“This was an excellent course. It was the missing puzzle piece for me in terms of building my knowledge and confidence as a newer agent. Camille is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer every question. Would highly recommend!”

Karlee M. / Stirling, ON

“This course was great to take! I learnt many new strategies on how to look at a file and evaluate it. Camille is very responsive to answering all questions. Overall, the whole class on underwriting your files is very worthwhile. Thanks for the awesome tips, tricks and material!”

Christine M. / Calgary, AB

"I would highly recommend this course, Camille was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. The course was very interactive which kept me constantly engaged, and answered all of my questions.”

Andrew H. / Hamllton, ON

“The course was very valuable and fully worth the time. Camille was to the point and very accommodating. I would recommend Magu Learning Inc to anyone looking to get a wealth of knowledge in a short period of time. Thanks Camille!”

Khai N. / Toronto, ON

“I would really recommend all new agents to take this course. Camille is a great coach who teaches with lots of case studies & interactive Q&A so everyone understands the concepts. A must do thing for all newbies out there. Thanks a lot Camille for drafting such concise and precise study material to make all the concepts extra simplified.”

Kinshuk M. / Mississauga, ON

“I highly recommend this underwriting course to mortgage professional especially, newbies. Camille is an excellent and experienced coach. The course comes with a digital underwriting textbook (119 pages) of great material!”

Camise B. / Vancouver, BC

“Camille is a true professional to work with and one of the best minds in the broker space. Camille comes with years of experience, a class act and has tremendous knowledge in mortgage industry, both on the prime, alternative and private lending side. She is efficient, smart and brings creative underwriter along with solid sound advice. In addition, she teaches underwriting courses and brings massive value to the broker channel and is always willing to help and listen. It would be an pleasure to continue to work with Camille on all fronts."

Faisal J. / Mississauga, ON

"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Camille on numerous mortgage transactions over the years in my capacity as a Prime and Alternate Lending Underwriter, a Business Development Manager and, now, a Senior Mortgage Manager. Her deals are one of the few in which I can confidently put through for approval without hesitation or re-evaluation as I have come to trust in her adjudication skill as an Underwriter."

Danilo S. / Markham, ON

"Camille is a great, professional underwriter who knows what she’s doing with tons of years of experience. For any new mortgage agents who are looking for help this is definitely the place to start. You will gain clarity and insight on out to package the perfect deal."

Raymond S. / Kitchener, ON

"Being part of your underwriting workshop helped me learn so much!"

Jayashree K.

"Love your workshops. Can't wait for the private lending one."

Donna W.

"You are doing a lot for this industry!"

Naz Y.

"Your underwriting course was a huge help to me!"

Steve M.

"You are such a valuable contributor to our industry. We appreciate all that you do!"

Jasmine F.

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