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The Mortgage Agent’s Guide to Underwriting is a book created and designed to assist new and existing Mortgage Agents with the process of underwriting their deals. It guides agents through the entire process of underwriting and broadens their learning and understanding through case studies as well as analyzing sample documentation. The lessons touch on data entry with various deal origination systems, as well as understanding appraisals, credit bureaus etc. The creation and assembly of required compliance documents are also covered in the training. Upon completion of the program, Agents will have a greater understanding of the underwriting process, a greater comfort level in packaging their files and an increase in confidence when speaking to their clients.

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Meet the Author

As a licensed mortgage agent with over 19 years of industry experience, Camille has worked in many capacities and with many different lenders within the financial industry. She is committed to providing not only excellent service to her clients but has also developed a passion for providing the same commitment of excellence to her colleagues and peers.

Years of experience and countless encounters with lenders, agents, lawyers etc. has caused her to recognize the need within the mortgage industry to educate Mortgage Agents with the underwriting of their deals. Now, in addition to assisting clients with their financing needs, she also consults with brokerages, conducts underwriting workshops, provides coaching and training sessions and provides underwriting support to brokerages and agents alike.